Boston Chess Club

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Boston Chess Club

  1. Do you have a location where people can just come in and play?

    We travel anywhere within the Metro Boston region to meet clients for one-on-one lessons, organize tournaments, simultaneous exhibitions, and other chess-related services. However, for casual games in a traditional club setting, please check our "Chess Clubs" links page. All the known local chess clubs in the Metro Boston area are listed.

  2. What do your lessons include?

    Lessons are focused on areas where students can improve the most.  Sample lessons include new ways to learn tactical patterns, creating an opening repertoire, or how to develop better strategic understanding.  Lessons are also designed to encourage students to appreciate their own innate strengths as well as essential non-chess characteristics (i.e. determination, maturity, perseverance, etc.). Discussions are tailored to complement the student's own style and preferences. 

  3. Where are lessons held?

    Group lessons are conducted in colleges, adult education centers, and community rooms.  Private lessons are given in public locations such as libraries, cafes, and parks. Otherwise, they can be given in private homes as well.  

  4. How much do you charge for your services?

    Private lessons are $30/hour.  Group lessons of up to 5 students are $45/hour. 

  5. Where can I find other social players?

    Our "Links" page features a variety of different websites and venues to find players for casual games.

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